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Need.  A simple word with so much weight.

Turn on the TV and it appears our world is coming apart at the seams.  There is need for peace, for food, for healing, for families...for hope. It all seems so overwhelming. Where does one even begin to help? How does one person, or a group of people, start to make a difference?


One name: Jesus.

He is the only one who can bring the peace and healing that we truly need. He is the only one who can give a hurting broken world filled with hurting broken people what is needed. He is the only one who can provide lasting hope.


We are not Jesus, but we can help bring and show the hope of Jesus to those who need Him.


We do it when we smile and lend a hand to someone struggling to carry their burden. We do it when we look beyond ourselves to impact another. We do it when we strive to live as Jesus did.


Into the Field, too, seeks to bring Jesus to a lost and hurting world.  We do it when we…

¨ provide Biblically focused training opportunities for those raising kids who have come from trauma;

¨ help families bring their kiddos home and into their forever families;

¨ provide backpacks filled with school supplies for orphans in Haiti;

¨ are engaged in serving a nationwide night of prayer;

¨ link arms with poor rural Chinese Believers to launch a chicken project providing nutrition and finances;

¨ facilitate the granting of more than $2.6 million to further Christian ministry in a variety of capacities;

¨ bridge the gap between cultures, languages, and faith through friendships with International students;

¨ assist in the planning and administration of a 15 week missions outreach course;

¨ serve others passionate about serving others.


But we can’t do any of this without you.  We are a team. When you pray for and financially support the work of Into the Field, you are praying for and supporting all of the activities above and so much more! 


Can we count on you?  We need you. 

Pray big...believe big...big things happen,


Jennifer Cameron, Executive Director
Into the Field

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