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Loved from Afar


"Orphans are easier to forget until you see their faces and you know their names" ~ David Platt


147 - 230+ million orphans.  We have seen some of their faces and we cannot forget.


Like the story of the starfish, we know that we can't do something for all of them, but we want to do what we can for those that we can.


Loved from Afar (formerly Loving Them Home) is a project of Into the Field with the purpose of helping orphans come home to their families and show Jesus' love to those who wait.

Loving Families

Adoption is an expensive investment (we say "investment" because we believe that the funds required to bring a child home are being invested into their lives and that of your family, are are not just a line-item "expense" in your family budget).  Loved from Afar has the dream of an unlimited pool of resources from which funds can be provided to Christian families to assist them through the process of bringing their kids home.


The primary vehicle of support will be through grants as funding permits.


We ALWAYS welcome your support for our adoption grants.


We will occassionally be providing the opportunity for individual families to raise funds and invite you to join us in supporting them!


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We believe that God intended us to be in relationship with one another and for children to be in families.  Sadly, we live in a fallen world where families are broken and too many children don't know love.


There are several ways that Loved from Afar serves those who are currently without families:

  1. Providing support to Christian foster homes showing Jesus' love to kids.  Learn how you can help support some great people doing great work.

  2. Facilitating opportunities to love on these kids.  Join us!

  3. Walking alongside those serving in a Chinese orphanage and assisting them in their care of the kids there.


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Special Love

Through our relationships, we sometimes are presented with opportunities to show some of God's special love to others. 


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