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Into the Field is a 501c3 organization and appreciates those who extend their tax deductible support to help further its mission.


Why support Into the Field?

Someone recently described Into the Field as a type of mutual fund – where an investment in Into the Field enables an impact on many different ministries. Another used the below illustration of a tree. Our foundation, our groundwater, is the Word of God. Your financial and prayer support is the root structure that provides the nourishment that strengthens and facilitates our ability grow, support, and branch out in service to others different from your competitors. 


PRAYER - The most valuable gift that we could receive from you are your prayers; not only for Into the Field, but for all those who are out working in the fields, around the corner and around the world, to to serve.


TIME - In today's world, time seems to be one of our most fleeting resources.  If you have some that you would like to share, Into the Field and those that it serves, would love to be beneficiaries


TALENT - Do you have a special skill or talent that might be of benefit to the work being done through Into the Field or one of its clients?  Are you an accountant, a lawyer, a team facilitator?  Do you, your friends, or company have a product or service that could be donated and utilized?  Let us know!


TREASURES - Doing ministry and outreach work is not inexpensive.  It is with a great sense of responsibility and humility that we say thank you for the generosity with which you share your financial treasures.  These can be shared:

  • On-line

  • By Mail:


Into the Field

1161 Bethel Road, Suite 101

Columbus, Ohio 43220


Through our relationship with the National Christian Foundation, we have the ability to receive gifts of stocks and other non-cash assets.  Contact us for more information!





AMAZON SMILE: If you're like millions of other Americans, you probably do some shopping on Amazon.  Did you know that they have a charitable site?  It has the same products and prices.  The only difference is that when you shop, they donate.  Visit: !


Kroger: "Free" Money for Into the Field from Kroger!  Into the Field has been accepted into the Kroger Community Rewards program.  Over the next year, Kroger will be giving $5 million to 501c3 organizations.  By linking your Kroger Plus card to Into the Field, you shopping will help us to take advantage of Kroger's generousity!  Click here for more information!

QUESTIONS?  Contact Jennifer Cameron, Executive Director, at 614.374.0008 or via email at

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