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Ministries Served



Some of the ministires that Into the Field has served through ministry development and fiscal sponsorship include:

Back in His Arms Again

Any family that has lost an infant - of any age - knows of the pain and grief which can at times seem paralyzing.  The ministry leaders of Back in His Arms Again weren't seeking to start a ministry, but through their personal suffering, felt called to come alongside those who are on this painful journey.  Into the Field was honored to serve this special ministry in a variety of ways.  Through fiscal sponsorship, fundraising and event support, strategic planning, and organizational support, Into the Field was able to help Back in His ArmsAgain be a blessing to those when they need it most.


This wonderful ministry evolved from the hearts of passionate servants looking for a place and a way to serve their faith in China.  Into the Field has assisted this organization with strategic planning, ministry start-up, process development, and other operational and ministry details.  Additionally, Into the Field began serving as it's Fiscal Sponsor, allowing this ministry to begin its fundraising from Day 1!

Eyes Wide Open International

With a heart for serving widows and orphans,  a dream to "activate, mobilize, and encourage others to join alongside local and global partners in providing relief to those in the midst of crisis and human suffering" got a kick start from Into the Field through assistance with incorporation, startegic planning, marketing support, and fiscal sponsorship.

The StillWater Circle for Faith and Culture

This ministry is new in name and structure only.  It is the culmination of decades of work by Kelly Monroe Kullberg and a new home, a gathering place, for her ministries which range from speaking to authorship to discipleship to much more!  Into the Field serves as a sounding board, provides organizational assistance, and as a fiscal sponsor, allows SWCFC to pursue grants for its projects to impact our world and culture for Christ.


Heart 4 Home

Heart 4 Home is a ministry of discipleship focused on the belief that "our Heavenly Father wants His children safely home, forever exploring and enjoying His love together."  

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