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"What exactly does Into the Field do?  I'm a little confused."


You know, we ask God that same question.


Are we supposed to "narrow" our focus to a particular niche of service that is easily understood?  Or keep it broader?


In many ways, it sure would be easier if the answer was "narrow it."  Then we could simply say, "we serve orphans" or "we help victims of human trafficking" or "we encourage and equip the Body of Christ."  But our current understanding is that we are to keep the focus wide.  Which means that we serve just about everyone who has the heart to serve Christ and the many forms that takes.


To simplify, we have tried to organize ourselves into 3 buckets:

1.  The Body:  to encourage, equip, and engage the Body of Christ.

2. The Ministry:  to encourage, equip, and support those who have the call to serve Christ through a particular ministry.

3. In The Field: to provide opportunities for the Body of Christ to serve others.


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