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Loving Families


Money should not be the reason to say "no" to welcoming a child into a home.  It is a dream of Into the Field to have a fund of resources to provide grants to Christian families who have said "yes" to the call to love an orphan through the gift of adoption.

Adoption Grants

Every child needs to know that they are "loved and spoken for".  As funds allow, grants will be made to Christian families who are working to bring their child(ren) home.  To do this, we need your help.  To make a tax-deductible gift to our "adoption grants" fund, click here.

Family Fundraising


Are you an adopting family and would like some help raising funds and receiving tax-deductible donations?  Send us an email and lets chat about how we can help!


If you would like to support one of our fundraising families, you may click here.

Books On Shelf


We've worked to pull together an ever-changing list of books, blogs, podcasts, and other resources that other adoptive families feel are valuable.  Check them out!

If there are any that you think we have missed, please shoot us an email and we will see about getting them added!

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