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Loving Orphans


"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18


If they can't be with their families, the next best place (we think) for an orphan is to be within a loving Jesus-filled environment.  There are two special places in China that are just that.  Help us encourage and support the work that they are doing.

In the South of China...

There is a special group of people working with a special group of kids who do not know the love of a family. So they and their team are loving them the best they can - until the time comes that these kids "go home" to their forever families.

Your support of Loved from Afar helps to support that good work in a variety of ways.  Click here to learn more about a special project we are working on with them.

Prevent an Orphan?

If only there were no orphans in the world.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  What if there was something that we could do to help prevent an orphan... Often children are orphaned because their families feel that they have no option but to give them up.  Frequently it is motivated by lack of finances.  What if there was a way to serve those families who have had to leave their kids - not yet abandoning them - while they went to earn a megar living?  What if there was a way to serve those kids who have been left "home alone"?  Into the Field works in partnership with a ministry which has such a project.  Your support may help keep a family together just a little bit longer.

Outside of Beijing...

All children are fragile.  Some more so than others.  Throughout orphanages around the world children with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI, or "brittle bones") are left to languish in cribs and corners out of the fear of their breaking.


Not too far outside of Beijing is a special place.  A place that welcomes these kids, that provides surgeries, "bone juice", and a lot of good Jesus-loving.


In China, as with other countries, when an orphan turns 14, s/he is no longer able to be adopted.  This special place outside of Beijing has a bakery.  Within the walls of this bakery the older kids learn to bake, learn to run a business, learn how much they are loved.


Your support of Loved from Afar helps to heal these special kids from the inside out.


Is your heart leading you to do more than send money?  Join us on our next trip to go and show love to some of China's orphans.  Email us about our next trip!

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