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A converstation about Into the Field's beginnings...


"Into the Field came to be after a long period of prayer, soul searching, and many, many conversations.

“From an early age, I’ve been involved with and had a heart for outreach, ministry, and service.  My parents set the example for me about the importance of being involved and giving back.  I have always believed that to whom much is given much is required.

“I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling domestically and abroad – some for pure relaxation and pleasure, others trips were for service.  Because I don’t do a very good job at just sitting back and watching, I have been involved with organizing projects and events for established as well as grassroots organizations, in areas for which English may or may not be the native tongue.  I have worked with people of all backgrounds, volunteers, paid staff, young, and old.

“Prior to the launch of Into the Field, I was involved with many different projects on a volunteer basis.  Some of these have included missions work in China and Alaska, walks and fundraising for breast cancer research, work on a ministry for children of incarcerated parents, fundraising, marketing and development planning for an international ministry, and organizational and logistics planning for missions teams.  While I was excited to do what I could with the available time that I had, I felt as though I was supposed to be doing more, that my skills and abilities should be used on a more daily basis to support those who are really working to make a difference.


“I have seen time and time again a person with a passion start a project or an organization.  Based on that passion, and the commitment and skills of those in his/her immediate circle, it is able to grow.  But then they hit that point where, to take things to the next level, additional, more specific skills are needed.  The challenge, however, is that typically at that point, the budget doesn’t match up with what is really needed.  So they either hire to their budget, resulting in still not having what they need, or they decide to do nothing, in which case, things will eventually plateau.“This is where Into the Field can step in as a partner.  If we don’t have the skills and gifts that are needed, someone in our network does.  We’re here to serve the servants; to take care of the details and activities that are required to support and further their mission, but which can distract focus and hinder success.  Our doing so, will free them up so that they can live their passion and serve their mission.“


Into the Field would love to have the opportunity to sit down and chat about how we can partner with you to make a difference.


Pray big...believe big...big things happen!"

Jennifer Cameron

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