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Special Love


Sometimes we are given the opportunity to show love in special ways.


Maybe it is helping a family whose child is faced with surgery and can't otherwise afford it.


Maybe it is walking alongside a mother and father who face the gut wrenching decision of whether or not they can afford to keep their child because of finances required to care for him or her.


Maybe it is buying a bag of groceries, a warm coat, some formula.


We don't believe that God wants parents to be in a position of deciding to keep their child or make them an orphan.


We invite you to join us in doing what we can to help them not need to make these choices.


By clicking HERE and making a gift, you may be helping to save a life and keep a family whole.





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Adoptive Mom Love

We have a special place in our hearts for adoptive moms.  Every now and then, they just need an opportunity to step away, rest, and be with others who understand their journey. 


From day one, Into the Field has existed to serve the servants and we know no bigger servants than moms. We are excited to be able to help serve them by receiving your tax-deductible which will be applied towards a special retreat just for them. 


Click HERE to show you see and support them!





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